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‘SHOUT OUTS’ to our dedicated supporters

Hina and Usman Malani, who donated $25,000 last year to treat two kids !! We are grateful for your kindness and generosity, and appreciate your desire to help us continue to make a difference in the lives of children. It is because of dedicated supporters like you that we are able to do all that we do!



Your Donations At Work

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We are committed to using your donations to save the lives of some of the poorest children suffering from cancer. We work hard to make sure we achieve as much possible with the charity funds we receive. You’d be surprised about just how far your donations can go. For instance, with $100, we can provide a day’s worth medicine.


Here’s how your Dollars work –

We combine your money with other donations and send them to the field for funding treatment.
c2pplequal = dollarpot
Our Partners at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Delhi conduct case studies on the most needy child from low income families and makes a treatment plan accordingly.
Best part of it is – Your donations help bring hope and joy to these children and their families!!


Dandiya Fever !!

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By Maya Nair

It was 2 nights in a row that riot of colors splashed at the premises of Bert Ferguson Community Center over past weekend.  The dance floor was set and the music ready as garba lovers started pouring in dressed in their best sparkling Chaniya Cholis, Sarees, and Colourful Kurtis. Everyone was eager to seep in the flavors of the festivities. Though the dance floor did not look like this when it started, I completely forgot to factor in Indian-Standard-time to our schedule. By 8:30 p.m., the venue was easily swallowed by the massive visitor turnout.


Singer Neha Verma of ‘SAREGAMAPA’ fame made the audiences groove with her non stop, energetic and tireless performance.  A variety of Bollywood beats as well as traditional Gujarati tunes mixed in harmonious perfection filled the air.  Men and women danced together and tried to keep up with the beats and enjoyed the long dancing spells. Kiddies and veterans were seen shaking a leg and having a nice time.

Aditi, my 7 year old daughter, found it very exciting to learn the new clap dance. What thrilled her the most was the dance with dandiya sticks.  Though she may not have fully grasped the meaning behind the dance,  glad that we made the effort to make our kids aware of it and bring them a step closer to the Indian culture and tradition.  It actually brought back pieces of my childhood as a part of growing up in Mumbai.

Many of the people were trying the dance for the first time. It was good to see the dance enthusiast teach the less experienced dancers to make sure that everyone kept the dance floor full of energy.The atmosphere was eclectic on the dance floor and to replenish the energy reserves, there was sumptuous Indian food.

Finally, if you looked around, there was a smile on every face, which is a great treat to watch while smiling yourself! By the end of the night, everyone left with memories of non-stop dancing, captivating beats, electrifying energy, and, of course, the rhythmic clattering of dandiya sticks.


Who’s ready for a round of Dandiya Raas…?

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Navratri is round the corner and this year, AAICT in conjunction with Aga Khan Foundation of USA is proud to present two exciting nights of ‘Dandiya On The Dance Floor!’ 

When –  Friday, Oct 11th 2013 and Saturday, Oct 12th 2013 at 6:30 p.m.

Where – Bert Ferguson Community Center, Cordova, TN

This is a great opportunity to dress in colorful traditional Indian outfits, catch up with friends, eat some Indian food and have some dancing fun!

It is okay if you don’t know how to do Dandiya Raas, as many of us don’t know it either! We have therefore arranged for free dance lessons for you from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.  🙂

To those new to this, Dandiya Raas is an Indian folk dance to rhythmic beats and clattering sticks.  The bamboo sticks used for this dance are called Dandiya. This dance usually follows Garba Raas, a dance that involves use of rhythmic clapping and foot movements.  Both the dances are performed during the festival of Navratri and is kind of a social participation dance as they have very simple steps that one can learn on the spot. Following the lead of an experienced dancer, anyone can join the group. It is a performance that asks nothing in return. So if you get an opportunity and if you have time, pick up the sticks and sport a smile on your face!  You may enjoy the  experience and realize that there’s more to dandiya than this blog tells you.

Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Kids under 12 are free. Buy them today before they are sold out. Please contact the following for tickets –

  • Amarjit Keshav – 901-827-9445
  • Gautam Malhotra – 901-395-6440
  • Jigna Sampat – 901-692-1198
  • Perdeep Mehta – 901-268-2494
  • Akshay Shah – 901-756-7722
  • Shahid Lakhani – 901-240-7860
  • Murad – 901-604-5301

Come join us to show case the culture in a fun-filled way that will leave you entertained.

Garba Oct 11th


Optimism in the fight against cancer

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-By Maya Nair-

Cancer is a battle that many of the young children must face every day. Survival rates among children with cancer may have significantly improved over the past few decades. But the fight against cancer is still painful and depressing.

Even today in India, there is still a stigma attached to cancer, especially in the low-income families. Fear about cancer being “contagious” or that the child is to blame is so common that it leads to isolation of that family at a time when they are most in need of help.

Your child being diagnosed with cancer is probably the most devastating situation a parent will ever face. The unimaginable thought of losing your child to cancer can cause sadness, anxiety, anger, or even hopelessness in parents.  This coupled with expensive nature of the treatment makes it impossible for the poor families to even hope for a cure. They have to literally beg for treatment as they struggle under the double burden of their disease and poverty. The treatment can be a huge drain on family finances, even for the relatively well off.

Life for children undergoing treatment for cancer revolves around trips to the treatment center. Not only are the side effects from the treatment debilitating, but the emotional stress is equally intense. Staying in a hospital for weeks can be frightening.  Children get upset by visits to hospitals, seeing doctors, needles, medicines and all the strange people that they have to deal with.

The need to nourish cancer affected children, emotionally through love and care is vital.  We know they are suffering from a painful disease but more important is that they remain hopeful in life. Love, prayer and a lot of help from family and friends is needed to survive through the weeks of horror. Providing emotional and practical support makes them hopeful in life. With hope and optimism, they can and will cope with the disease.

If you are hesitant to donate, or simply ignorant to the facts; please take a moment to read about our work.  AAICT is committed in helping the under privileged children suffering from cancer get free treatment and relieving them from the double burden of their disease and poverty. We build a bridge of hope in their lives. Even if you choose not to donate financially, please take a moment to recommend us to your friends. With your support, we know we will make a difference – that’s our optimism!