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Optimism in the fight against cancer

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-By Maya Nair-

Cancer is a battle that many of the young children must face every day. Survival rates among children with cancer may have significantly improved over the past few decades. But the fight against cancer is still painful and depressing.

Even today in India, there is still a stigma attached to cancer, especially in the low-income families. Fear about cancer being “contagious” or that the child is to blame is so common that it leads to isolation of that family at a time when they are most in need of help.

Your child being diagnosed with cancer is probably the most devastating situation a parent will ever face. The unimaginable thought of losing your child to cancer can cause sadness, anxiety, anger, or even hopelessness in parents.  This coupled with expensive nature of the treatment makes it impossible for the poor families to even hope for a cure. They have to literally beg for treatment as they struggle under the double burden of their disease and poverty. The treatment can be a huge drain on family finances, even for the relatively well off.

Life for children undergoing treatment for cancer revolves around trips to the treatment center. Not only are the side effects from the treatment debilitating, but the emotional stress is equally intense. Staying in a hospital for weeks can be frightening.  Children get upset by visits to hospitals, seeing doctors, needles, medicines and all the strange people that they have to deal with.

The need to nourish cancer affected children, emotionally through love and care is vital.  We know they are suffering from a painful disease but more important is that they remain hopeful in life. Love, prayer and a lot of help from family and friends is needed to survive through the weeks of horror. Providing emotional and practical support makes them hopeful in life. With hope and optimism, they can and will cope with the disease.

If you are hesitant to donate, or simply ignorant to the facts; please take a moment to read about our work.  AAICT is committed in helping the under privileged children suffering from cancer get free treatment and relieving them from the double burden of their disease and poverty. We build a bridge of hope in their lives. Even if you choose not to donate financially, please take a moment to recommend us to your friends. With your support, we know we will make a difference – that’s our optimism!