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Get Involved

Our very existence and ability to accomplish our goals depends on volunteers and funding. Lots of working hands are required to keep up our work. We do believe that contributions and donations will arrive when other people believe in our cause, and in us.  We would be obliged to have your long term devotion, however we would be very grateful for a temporary commitment, as well.


1. Volunteer – If you would like to make a difference by being a VOLUNTEERplease contact us.

2. Join our Social Networks –  Get the latest news, participate, watch videos and network together to help the noble cause. Like the AAICT facebook page, talk to us by leaving a comment on our wall, share our content with your friends, post links to our posts, pages, videos and photos to your wall. 

3. Spread the word – In this information age, there are a number of ways for its supporters to stay connected with AAICT. Without leaving the comfort of your home, use your social network to spread the word about AAICT’s work. Take the opportunity to raise awareness and share with others about how AAICT is bringing hope.

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