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  Sponsor a child
We, at AAICT,  understand that donors need to know where their donations are going, how they are being utilized and how to maximize the impact of their kindness. And for that reason, we have started a "Sponsor a Child" program that lets donors choose how their donations will be used.

Each child receives the complete care including hospitalization, prescription drugs, blood products, and management of infections. Cancer treatment and follow-up extends over a long period of time. Leukemia which is the most common form of cancer, requires between 1-3 years of treatment & could cost from $4000-$7000 over the period. “Sponsor a Child Program” donors are given a variety of options as listed below. Choose your option now and give hope to a child for a better tomorrow!

Begin your sponsorship for as little as $20 a month; only 65 cents a day!

There are many ways you can offer life-changing support. Annual Sponsorship is a one-time payment or you can make 12 equal payments to complete your Sponsorship.

Annual Sponsorship (One time)

Monthly Pledge (12 Recurring payment)

Your one time donation can make a huge difference in the life of a child. Choose your donation amount and give hope to a child for a better tomorrow.
You can send us a personal check made out to "American and Asian Indian Charitable Trust" and mail it to:

7250 Corsica Dr,
Germantown, TN 38138

A receipt for tax deduction purposes will be mailed to you.

We are so very grateful for all donations we receive.

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